About Our Classes


Two-Year-Old Class

Teachers: Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Melanie, Ms. Sarah

The Two-Year-Old Class has a bright, fun-filled room where they will develop independence from Mom and Dad. There will be hands-on flannel board stories, singing, puppets, circle time, recognizing their ABC’s, working on fine and gross motor skills, and learning how to be a friend. This they will do while the parents can be assured they are in a nurturing, caring, and safe environment.

3 year class

Three-Year-Old Class

Teachers: Ms. Beverly, Ms. Linda, Ms. Michelle

Our Three-Year-Old Class provides a wonderful learning environment where your child will develop social, emotional, cognitive, and fine-motor skills. Our spacious classroom is complete with many individual learning centers to expand your little one’s imagination. Our dedicated teachers have over 23 years teaching experience, and they love what they do. We provide many hours of fine-motor skill development with cutting, handwriting, and arts and crafts. Early phonics is taught with a short vowel sound emphasis. Our students are evaluated twice a year to make sure they are prepared for the Four-Year-Old-Class.

Four-Year-Old Class/Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-K Teacher: Ms. Carole

"This classroom is not limited to the standard Montessori material but includes various activities that lend themselves to the Montessori Method of Education. Within a carefully prepared environment, the children are free to choose from the activities chosen to meet their developmental needs and broad ability and interest levels. Using individual, small-group, and large-group instruction, I allow the children to explore sensorimotor activities, science, mathematics, language, social studies/geography, and art while developing independence and self-esteem. Children are encouraged to think creatively, analyze, and apply what has been learned. The discipline is through example and expectation -- showing respect and earning it, and the classroom’s ground rules allow the children to develop respect for others and themselves." - Carole Boyd

Pre-K Teacher: Ms. Courtenay

In our Pre-Kindergarten classroom, the goal is to prepare children for the next step in their education. This is to benefit the welfare of the “whole” child: the student's emotional, physical, and academic success.

Emotional success begins with a positive self-image, recognizing good choices, and respecting others. Physical success begins with many fine-motor activities enhancing the child’s ability to master proper letter/number formation. Then lastly, academic success is achieved through fun-filled interactive activities designed to keep students engaged and learning in a positive, nurturing, and motivating environment.

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Five-Year-Old Class/Kindergarten

Kindergarten Teacher: Ms. Ida

The Kindergarten class works to increase the development of each student’s academic skills through meaningful, interesting, and joyful instruction. These include Shared Reading, Guided Reading, Daily Phonics, Writing, Math, Science, Geography/Social Studies, and Art. Every day is a captivating learning experience in which the students can join and participate in all activities. Students gain a solid foundation in core subjects and a strong sense of self-confidence. They develop a strong work ethic and a love for learning that will nurture a lifetime of achievement.