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At a very early age, children begin to develop skills that aid in their future development. In our two-year-old class we encourage a sense of independence while exposing the children to positive social interactions with their peers. We provide them with opportunities to develop their gross- and fine-motor skills, the use of language, and their reasoning skills; to enhance their attention span; and to broaden their interests.

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We encourage our students to continue their social development and begin to discover what a friend can be. As the children learn to love and respect each other they develop a positive self-image. Our three-year-olds are fascinated by activities in science, math, oral language, and phonics. They are exposed to learning centers and directed units of study in a school experience they are sure to enjoy.


This class is an extremely important part of pre-school as it prepares the children for their future school experiences. While they learn to work and play well together, they are provided opportunities to explore math, science, social studies, sensorimotor activities, language, and the arts. Students will be well prepared in pre-reading skills, and those who are ready to read will be encouraged to do so.


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Our five-year-olds have developed into independent and self-confident children ready for the challenge of kindergarten, where they are provided with a meaningful, interesting, and challenging classroom environment. They are given guided and independent study, daily phonics, writing activities, math activities, and science exploration. The children are encouraged to express themselves through writing, oral language, experiments, and hands-on activities.