“Walnut Hill holds a special place in our hearts. The children still fondly remember the peaceful and picturesque environment. Our children were appropriately intellectually challenged, emotionally loved, nurtured, supported, and given excellent guidance and instruction on matters of personal and social growth. The teachers were extremely experienced and genuinely cared for each child. They went above and beyond to cater to each child's needs based on their progress and challenges. We were also provided with feedback and guidance on how to further strengthen emotional and behavioral regulation outside of the classroom. The administration was equally devoted to each child, as well as each family. In fact, we very much felt like a part of the Walnut Hill family, and still do to this day.“

- Dr. Julia and Dr. Eric Higgins

“We could not be happier with the education my child is receiving at Walnut Hill Day School. The focus on project-based learning and social emotional learning has provided my child with a foundation for well-rounded education that prepares them for elementary school and beyond. From the teachers and staff to the director – everyone is knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated, making this school a truly loving and safe environment. We highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a top-notch program that includes Spanish, art, physical education, and music. The true review is seeing my child excited about going to school. I only wish they would extend their program beyond kindergarten.”

- Mark and Christina Black

“Walnut Hill was recommended to us when our child was 10 months old, and we immediately put her name on the waiting list, with the hopes of her starting as a 2-year-old. Our daughter is now 4.5 years old, and she has been with Walnut Hill since the age of 2. Due to the program there exceeding our expectations she will also be attending kindergarten as 5-year-old. The staff at Walnut Hill could not be more professional, and the curriculum they implement for young children is truly second to none!”

- Everell Thompson and Soraya Fouladgar

“I have had 2 children and 2 nephews attend WHDS from the 2-year program to kindergarten. From 2010 until 2020, my sister and I had a child in school at WHDS. There is just something about the atmosphere and overall feel of the environment of love and support at Walnut Hill. My 17-year-old nephew is still best friends with the children and families we have met through WHDS. The families and teachers and other students at Walnut Hill are all so loving and amazing. From the Christmas programs to the kindergarten graduation, I have so many fond and precious memories that will forever be my favorites. I also have a 13 month old son whom I have already placed on the list to start the 2-year-old class. When the last of our 4 children graduated from Walnut Hill, it was during Covid, and my family was very sad to be moving on past that era of our lives. Now we get to come back and do it again! The education the children all received had them more than ready for 1st grade. We have loved all the teachers and they have become like family through the years. Thank you, Walnut Hill, for the strong education, family-like atmosphere, and some of the most memorable programs to celebrate our children's achievements.”

- Dr. Cindy Atkins

“Walnut Hill Day School is AMAZING! My older daughter attended WHDS starting in the 3-year-old classroom through preschool and has excelled in elementary school! I give all the credit to Walnut Hill for getting her more than ready. My youngest son is at WHDS now and gets excited each morning for school. He also loves it! The teachers are wonderful and care for each child's needs. I'm always so impressed during parent teacher conferences when the teachers can tell me things about my child I never realized, and they're right! I feel this just shows how much they care and pay attention to every child. I'm so glad I found this school when doing my preschool research years ago.....best preschool EVER!!”

- William and Jessica Gardner

“Hirohito and Yuto enjoyed their days at Walnut Hill. We moved from Japan, and their first US school experience was at WHDS. Thanks to the great teachers, classmates, and their families, both Hirohito and Yuto adjusted very quickly. All the teachers make great connections with each student, and it made both of our sons feel special and recognized. They would smile each day when going to school and would come home smiling, telling us what they learned.”

-Nanaeda Family

“Our family has had our two sons attend WHDS for three years. At their enrollment, they could barely understand English, as we are Japanese. Every day the teachers greet them with smiles and have taken such good care of them so it didn't take much time for them to love WHDS. They have learned so much, grown socially, and have had a lot of wonderful experiences. We're very grateful to have our sons spending their early childhood at WHDS.”

- Kurai Family

“All three of our children went through the entire program at Walnut Hill, and I can’t say enough good things about their experience. The level of individual attention that they received was invaluable. All three are reading and performing well above grade level to this day, and I am confident that the start they received at Walnut Hill contributed immensely to their academic success. Not only was the education second-to-none, but I felt so confident in the safety and care that they received while attending school each day. The teachers and staff genuinely love each and every child who walks through the doors, and I think this level of care is unique to Walnut Hill. The idyllic location and beauty of the grounds also cannot be overlooked. Our children spent so much time learning outside in a beautiful and historic setting. Walnut Hill Day School is the absolute best place!”

- Tim and Amanda Masthay

“Our family had the privilege of being at Walnut Hill Day School for four years. I am a stay-at-home Mom, and we wanted a little socialization and structure for our then four-year-old son. After touring the school, we filled out our application paperwork in the school parking lot and also chose to enroll our two-year-old daughter. That’s just how confident we felt in our decision. I never worried about my children while they were at Walnut Hill. I knew without a doubt that they were loved, cared for, and safe. I felt a true partnership between the school and our family. The communication between the school and parents is phenomenal. You will never have unanswered questions, and you will always know the expectations well in advance. The level of social growth and expectation of kindness in the Twos program is unmatched. The joy of learning and classroom collaboration in the Threes program is unmatched. The independent learning and focus on phonics in the Montessori Fours classroom is unmatched. The foundation of mathematics and the encouragement of the love of reading for a lifetime in the kindergarten classroom is unmatched. Each educational year expands on the previous year. You will be shocked with what your two- and three-year-old child will learn, and then you will continue to see and expect excellence. Both of my children were enrolled through kindergarten and were overly prepared for their first-grade classes. This little school on the hill is truly Lexington’s best kept educational secret!”

- Dr. and Mrs. Justin and Kerri Montgomery

“My son and daughter are second generation family members to attend Walnut Hill Day School. From the first time I drove up the hill and stood on the grounds, I fell in love. The school is beautiful. Once inside I found teachers and staff who foster love, encouragement, patience, and learning. WHDS has had a positive impact on my entire family. My children and I will be eternally grateful we as a family have made many “forever friends” thanks to WHDS.”

- Amy Griffith